The Garden Trellis – Your Basic Questions Answered

trellis2What Exactly Is A Garden Trellis?

A garden trellis is a structure which is used to support different kinds of plants. You may either tie plants to the trellis or permit climbers to bind themselves to the structure. A trellis can be made out of vertical, diagonal, or horizontal bars. These bars may either be a normal geometric pattern or can be arranged to make a decorative design. While most trellises are made out of wood, some are made out of metal or plastic.

With that basic definition of a trellis, it is easy to see that there are many different kinds of trellises available to select from. The very first thing you want to decide is the growth pattern of the plant. A small garden trellis will work best for a potted plant while a larger trellis will meet the needs of a flowering vine or climbing varietal. All these considerations can help when it comes time to build or buy the trellis. You will need to measure width and height of each of the different locations that you are considering.

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