Tomato Trellis – The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes!

tomato trellisGrowing tomatoes is certainly one of my favorite summertime activities. Each Springtime, millions of home gardeners find at least some little space inside their yard or garden, or possibly a spot on their deck or patio, for growing a tomato plant or two. Here, we are going to explore the concept of growing tomatoes on trellises, as well as just how this excellent alternative to staking or caging often leads to a bigger and better harvest.

The issue of whether gardeners ought to provide support for tomato plants is certainly one that has been hotly debated within the gardening community. Some purists believe that tomato plants should be left to sprawl upon the garden soil by natural means. Even though it is true that allowing plants to lie on the ground will usually lead to bigger plants, it doesn’t typically imply that you’ll get a bigger harvest. This is because tomato plants in contact with the ground run a much higher risk of blight and other diseases, including pest infestations. Furthermore, when fruit is actually touching the ground it tends to go rotten easily and will often become infested with bugs before the gardener has a chance to harvest. Heavily mulching the earth with wood mulch or straw often helps provide some defensive barrier, but tomato plants left to sprawl can nevertheless experience a higher rate of fruit rot.

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