Tips on Planting “Climbing Roses” on a Rose Trellis

rose trellisClimbing roses are some of the most in-demand plants in the garden because of its unrivaled beauty, bright colors, and distinct growth. Even though it’s called climbing roses, garden professionals make it clear that they’re not really real climbing plants, like vines. This is because they do not have appendages that can help in affixing themselves onto structures. So how do they climb? They need some kind of a support, like a vertical structure, to assist them in their upward growth.

To start with, pick a rose color that would compliment with the colors of the different flowers in your garden. Certain hues look best when placed side by side with the others. After you have selected your rose color, the fun and difficult part begins.

A normal climbing rose usually generates two kinds of shoots. The main one is a long strong shoot where the smaller one would appear. Proper care should be provided on the major shoot because it will carry the weight of the entire plant as it grows. For this reason it’s imperative that you already have determined where you want your roses to be planted from the beginning. Timely preparation is a must.

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