Growing a Cucumber. Trellis not Always Needed.

cucumber trellisCucumbers are the second most popular vegetable grown in a home vegetable garden based on the United States Department of Agriculture. Who can argue? They’re a fantastic veggie to eat and easy to grow. They have but one disadvantage. They need a lot of space should you just let them grow and vine out (indeterminate varieties of course).

You are in luck however. Cucumbers will grow anywhere you direct them and if you are limited with horizontal space this means you can send them vertically. Below are four methods you can use to ensure that you have plenty of room for all your other vegetables.  Surprisingly using a cucumber trellis is not the only technique available.

Tomato Cage

Most people do not realize they can use a tomato cage for growing their cucumbers. You can pick up tomato cages at your local home or garden center for just a dollar or two. These work very nicely because not only can you get them to grow up, but by directing their growth you will get them to grow in a spiral upward direction. The cucumbers will latch on the cage and after that you simply point the vine to go where you want it to grow.

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