Pyramid Trellis – The Perfect Garden Focal Point!

pyramid trellisPyramid trellises, also sometimes referred to as obelisks, make awesome focal points in a garden or landscape design. Obtainable in a multitude of styles, dimensions, and colors, selecting one that’s right for your yard can be difficult. In this post, we’ll check out the current alternatives in pyramid trellis designs and a few of their many uses in the garden.

Pyramid trellises, as the name would suggest, are typically pyramid shaped, although they can differ a lot in height and width. Most commonly, they are tall, slim structures that rise up above the rest of the garden, adding a vertical component to an otherwise mostly horizontal plane. A great way to help bring the eye upwards with an obelisk is to use it as a support structure for a climbing plant. Different types of vines such as honeysuckle, sweet pea, morning glory, clematis, or ivy will all climb up your pyramid trellis without any difficulty. Just plant the vine in the location  you want it in your garden and then place the pyramid trellis directly over the top, making certain to secure the structure to the ground. Remember that as the vegetation grows up the obelisk, it will catch wind more readily, making it susceptible to blowing over in a intense wind storm. Some obelisks are tall enough that part of their base may be buried in the ground. If this is not true, determine a way to stake it firmly.

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