About Me

Welcome to my blog! My name is Emily and if you haven’t noticed yet I am crazy about gardening. I have to admit I used to hate it. When I was younger growing up I dreaded my mother dragging me out to our backyard garden to complete a big list of chores. However, over time I began to love and appreciate what a backyard garden can offer. If you are growing vegetables then obviously you are not going to find fresher produce anywhere!

A backyard flower/plant garden can be a great oasis to just get away for a few minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee or a good book among beautiful surroundings. Whether you are growing vegetables, flowers, or plants fantastic way to enhance your garden is by utilizing a trellis. Not only do they provide great focal points but they can also be helpful in conserving you garden space by helping your plants grow vertically. I have either bought or constructed just about every type of trellis imaginable, so I hope to share will you my tips, tricks, and support as we construct your garden of eden 🙂