The Different Types of Tomato Trellis


homegrown tomatoesThere aren’t any juicier tomatoes than homegrown tomatoes. In order to create those juicy, plump tomatoes you must go all out in looking after your plant. It’ll mean offering it with best garden soil, regular watering, proper pruning and protection from disease and pests. To achieve this, it is important to provide a tomato trellis for your plant.

Trellises are structures in your garden that stand as a support for your growing tomatoes. It also will keep the plant above the ground decreasing sickness and pest issues. As a result, you’ve got a healthy plant. You’ll find different methods of trellising your tomatoes, including staking, using wire cage and training tomatoes to grow to a string or fence. With these different techniques also come the various kinds of tomato trellises.

Some types of trellises are made of metal, plastic and wood. There is also a flat trellis made of wood panel for dense climbing plants. You can build your own or you can purchase them inexpensively.

  • Wire Mesh Cages are among the most popular tomato trellis methods due to their simple use. The tomato plant will be able to grow through the mesh cage and does not require tying. Mesh cages are available in barrel shape and squares. You may also make homemade cages manufactured of concrete reinforcing mesh. They’re cheap and are also effective. The mesh is stabilized from a stake pushed deeply to the surface.
  • Trellis Weave systems are extra tall stakes driven deeply between plants. When the tomato plants grow, strings are affixed to both ends of the stakes and are weaved horizontally through rows of stakes. They alternate front and back of each stake. The strings are then weaved up the row in the opposite direction like a figure-8 between the stakes that contains the tomato plants. New strings are tied up the stakes for added support. The fruit harvest can be accessed using this system however the weaving proceeds as the tomato plants carry on growing.
  • Staking Method is the setting-up of 8 feet tall stakes driven deeply to the ground at the base of the tomato plant. It is tied to the stake while it grows throughout the season. You can use lumber, bamboo, and PVC pipe. This provides easy access to the plant and costs less.
  • String Method can also be another type of tomato trellis. Strings are affixed to a frame of electrical conduit vertically and run along the tomato row. The base plant’s main stem is tied with the string and is connected to the frame. Strings are tied and untied as the tomato plant develops.
tomato wire mesh cage

Wire Mesh Cage

tomato staking method

Tomato Staking

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